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Provide your students with a learning experience that is both enjoyable and effective. With Schoolhouse Bingo you can easily create educational bingo games to support and reinforce lessons in any area of the curriculum. Design game activities to enhance learning in mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, and just about any other subject in which your students might welcome a change of pace. Select from auto-generated games that include Basic Arithmetic Facts and Operations, Roman Numerals, Number Recognition, Antonyms, Synonyms, and more. Or you can easily create your own. Then save the games for future use. Select between having your students identify matching answers on their bingo cards while you provide the questions or having your students identify matching questions while you provide the answers. It's surprisingly easy to use with a very intuitive interface that lets you see exactly what the bingo cards and call sheets will look like as you design the game. Generate and print a complete bingo game with all the cards and call sheets required for your class in minutes, even the very first time you use the program. Card sheets can be printed with as many as nine bingo cards for either multiple games or for the students to play multiple cards in the same game. FEATURES Construct one of the auto-generated games in seconds. Select from nine auto-generated games including Basic Facts, Roman Numerals, Antonyms, Traditional Bingo, French-English, and more. See exactly what the bingo cards and call sheets will look like when printed as you design them. Control the number of bingo cards to be printed on each card sheet. Design the cards in portrait or landscape orientation with the page setup dialog. Regulate the difficulty of the game by selecting the number of call items per column. Choose to have a free cell or not. Edit the activities to create your own custom games.

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